Expressing Anger and Annoyance

A. Expressing Anger and Annoyance Study these phrases carefully!
When we are getting upset/annoyed to someone whom we are speaking to, we can use the following expressions:
·            Shut up! Get out of here! Damn it!
·            Leave me alone! •' I'm sick o' you! That's enough!
·            Go away! Beat it! It is annoying/disturbinglrritating!
Expressions of Anger
I'm starting to get angry
Are you trying to make me angry?
I'm really/very angry
You make me angry
I've never been so insulted in my life.
I hate it when ....
It bums me up when ....
I can't stand it when ....
I don't like it when ....
It annoys me when ....

I don't like it either!
Me too.
So do I.
I know what you mean.
Take it easy.
Cairn down. You burn me up.

Listen and complete the following dialogue. Then answer the questions!
Fenny : 1)_______________ . Those girls are gossiping us.
Tania : 2)________________ . They think we dont hear what they are discussing.
Fenny : It must be Nadya who started it.
Tania : 3)________________ . I know you really hate her.
Fenny : But, 4)_______________ . She told anything about me. And she doesn't know the truth. She lies them.
Tania : Take it easy, Fenny. We are in school.
Fenny : I can't stand it anymore, Tania. I want to go there. Tania : Wait, Fenny!
Fenny : 5)_______________ , Nadya!

1.      Why are Fanny and Tania angry?

2.      Who does Fanny  hate?

3.      Where are they now?

4.      What does Tania do finally?

5.              Mention some expressions of anger and annoyance and the responses found in the dialogue!

Read the following dialogue and then practice it in front of the class with your partner! Why does the
writer use capital letters?
Eddy     : SHUT UP! Don't you see? I'm listening the announcement.
Bryan             : It's your business. We have a conversation.
Eddy     :You may talk, but don't talk loudly.
Bryan       : If you mind we are talking too loudly, GEE OUT OF HERE!
Eddy        : It's a public place. PUBLIC LIBRARY. It's got allowed the visitors talk too loud here. I think I must tell about this to the librarian.
Bryan       : Go ahead! We don't care.
Eddy     : He can force you to get out of here. Maybe the security can also help me.
 Bryan      : Oh, I'm sick of you. Let's get out of here. He's so annoying.
Eddy     : That's a good idea, guys.

B. Present Perfect Tense
The present perfect tense expresses activities or situations that occured (or did not occur) 'before now", at some unspecified time in the past. It also expresses activities that were repeated several or many times in the past. The exact times are unspecified. When the present perfect is used with since or for, it expresses situations that began in the past and continue to the present.


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